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US History
Instructor: Ms. Soto   

NAME: Ms. Soto
SCHOOL: Granada Hills Charter High School
CLASS: 11th Grade U.S. History
SCHOOL PHONE: (818) 360-2361 or (818)357-2204

When you want to reach me
My conference period is period 6 (2:15-3:19). If you need to discuss your child's progress, you may do so by contacting me via email (which is best) or by school telephone to schedule an appointment.Although I do have an "open door" policy, it's best to set an appointment to speak with me in person afterschool.

Mission For The Class
Throughout our journey this year I hope to  provide a powerful and enjoyable experience! All too often students have told me that "history is the most boring subject they have in school"! I truly hope to change your mind set. Before the year is out, you'll meet the people who shaped this country in ways that directly affect you today ,experience the hardships of those along the way and visit two wars so big that they are referred to as WORLD WARS!. When you leave my class at the end of the year you will have a deeper understanding and growing empathy for our great nation without getting bogged down in all the drudgery of a typical history textbook!

Turn it Submission Information
My Class ID: 8441086
Password: Soto ( S is capitalized)
Research Paper Due April 10th
This week you should be gathering research on the goals your group of Americans were trying to achieve. What inequalities existed? What specifically where these groups fighting for?
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 Research Paper
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Classwork/homework Rubric
 Spring Final Study Guide.docx
Spring Study Guide ( Updated)
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